i50 Wooden Digital Multi-Functional Radio

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  • Bluetooth Speaker FM Radio: Use i50 as an FM Radio, connect your devices through either Bluetooth or AUX cord, or plug and play a USB, Micro SD or TF Card preloaded with MP3s.
  • Remote Control: Includes a small portable remote with 2 meter range for easy access to all of i50’s features including volume, bluetooth, and sleep timer.
  • Vintage Wood Grain Design: i50 adds visual satisfaction to the auditory payload with a sleek contemporary faux wooden finish, combined and contrasted by with tactile plastic gel buttons.
  • Backlit LCD Display: The mini LCD screen displays the following: time, date, battery status, alarm, play mode, and more. For more detailed information, please refer to the manual.
  • Micro-USB Charging: A 1800 mAh battery gives the i50 up to 8 hours working time and 72 hours of standby time.


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Multifunctional Speaker:
A 1950s look with 2017 sound– the i50 features an FM Radio, a Bluetooth speaker, and has inputs for an Aux cord, USB or MicroSD card to play audio from your phone or other device.

High Fidelity Audio:
Featuring a full-bodied 100Hz subwoofer, the i50 achieves high gain and clear FM radio signal despite having no external antenna. When listening via bluetooth, aux, USB or MicroSD, the i50 retains the purity of hifi audio. Quiet when you want it, LOUD when you want it, always crisp.

Portable and Compact Bluetooth Speaker:
A small, solidly built, at once both strikingly attractive yet unobtrusive radio perfect for your kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand, or anywhere. Mountable, hangable, stackable, the i50 is exceptionally displayable.

Multi-functional Speaker:
There are several ways to play audio with the i50, and switching between the modes is simple enough for users young and old:

  1. Via Bluetooth.Turn up the volume on your favorite music, podcast, audiobook and more.
  2. Via USB drive, Micro SD/TF CardPreload a USB or Micro SD/TF Card with a playlist, plug it into the back of the i50, and free up all phones at a party or social event.
  3. Via the AUX CableUse the AUX Cable to have a direct line of access to the i50.
  4. Via the FM Radio FunctionTune into your favorite local personality, countdown, or morning contest using the FM radio mode and seeking buttons.

Package Contains:
1 X i50
1 X Remote Control
1 X USB Cable
1 X AUX Cable
1 X Manual

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