i10 Wooden Digital Multi-Functional Radio

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  • Graceful Light Luxury Design: Crafted by light wood surface, InstaBox i10 blends perfectly and seamlessly into your elegant modern-style home decoration. A beautifully matte lamination and warm colored texture adds more peaceful and calm air to your beloved home.
  • Premium High-fidelity Sound Quality, Flexible Range from the Lowest and Highest: With dual passive subwoofers, the sound spreads smoothly to the whole space of no matter home, office, and outdoor. The sound is low enough for playing gentle music in your office or home before sleeping .
  • Smart Multi-Function: FM radio with long antenna’s excellent reception; full ways of connection including AUX, USB, TF card, and Bluetooth 4.0 makes it quick connect to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, tablet, smartphone and computer in seconds; smart alarm to repeat in any way you want such as work days, Monday to Saturday or your casual setting.
  • Convenient Remote Control: No more struggling against lazy sofa–the best choice for couch potato! Tiny but all-featured, you can easily change the songs, channel, station, volume, mode of the speaker and record your favorite songs. One-button way allows you to play it very easy and quick, no more difficult operation!
  • Smart Alarm Clock: Four alarms to schedule your time; add your favorite station/channel/song as the alarm ringtone; Smart setting for workdays or Monday to Saturday or just as you want; snooze mode allows you to sleep extra minutes after it rings.

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Multifunctional Speaker:
A 1950s look with 2017 sound– the i10 features an FM Radio, a Bluetooth speaker, and has inputs for an Aux cord, USB or MicroSD card to play audio from your phone or other device.

Portable and Compact Bluetooth Speaker:
A small, solidly built, at once both strikingly attractive yet unobtrusive radio perfect for your kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand, or anywhere. Mountable, hangable, stackable, the i10 is exceptionally displayable.

FM Radio:
Find and recall your favorite stations easier with the i10’s automatic scanning and channel storage functions. And the automatic scanning function is also work for music and stations. Storage supported: When encountering a channel you would like, store it and no more missing and fishing for it. High gain antenna: provides clear, great reception to maintain a good FM listening.

Alarm Clock:

  1. Four alarms to schedule your time, Add your favorite station/channel/song as the alarm ringtone
  2. Smart setting for workdays or Monday to Saturday or just as you want
  3. Snooze mode allows you to sleep extra minutes after it rings
  4. Use i10 as an alarm clock instead of smart phone to reduce radiation!

Convenient connection

  1. Bluetooth (named P10)
  2. Plug in via USB (supports 32GB memory or under )
  3. Insert a Micro SD/TF Card

Mini Remote Control
InstaBox i10 includes a sleek, mini remote control, giving you ease of access and convenience. It is simple to use, all features can be accessed by one button, besides, there is a “like” button (heart-shape) to store the songs you like. It has a 3 meter (120”) of working range.
Package Contains:
1 X i10
1 X Remote Control
1 X USB Cable
1 X AUX Cable
1 X Manual
1 X Gift carton

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