Characters: Trump and FDR’s Differences in Communication

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Donald J Trump, Jr: the son of a wealthy businessman, a polarizing and divisive figure who won an unprecedented election in 2016 fueled in part by controversy and the electorate’s dissatisfaction with the status quo to become the first “true outsider” ever to win the office of the Presidency.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: the son of a wealthy businessman, a polio-paralyzed politician who won an unprecedented 4 elections and served 12 years, through the Great Depression to World War II.

Donald Trump is fond of tweeting messages of 240 characters daily, giving him instant and unfettered access to the public and letting him avoid what he deems “Fake News” networks.

FDR was fond of using the technology of the time, radio, to make mass broadcasts to the public without the need to go through the opposition-controlled newspapers.


Here we take a look–technology aside–at how the communication styles of these two Presidents differed:

1. Message



Soothed the nation with messages like:
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”



Created controversy and unrest among citizens with tweets like:

2.  Frequency



Gave only 30 talks over 11 years, because:

“The one thing I dread is that my talks should be so frequent as to lose their effectiveness.”



Has tweeted over 1,000 times in first six months as President, because:

3. Topics of Discussion



Included the Banking Crisis, The War, the Recession, International Relations and current legislation.



Include Fake News, Robert Pattison, Face Lifts, attacks at foreign leaders, losers and haters, birtherism, autism and vaccines and more.

4. Reach



An estimated 62.1 Million people tuned in to FDR’s Fireside Chat following the Attack on Pearl Harbor.



Each tweet instantly goes out to his 41.6 million Twitter followers (although estimates show anywhere from 50-75% are fake followers).

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