About US

When Dominique Morin was 17 years old, he had the chance to see Niagara Falls while visiting family in New York.The breathtaking natural beauty combined with the unrelenting thundering of the falls sparked something in Dom. The combination of the senses, the tasteful blend of soft beauty and power.

about us

Dominique’s question:
How can visual presentation enhance your everyday listening experience?

Dominique returned to his home of France, where he studied acoustical engineering and design in university, and chased performances at Théâtre Antique d’Orange, never losing sight of his “Niagara Falls” moment.

In late 2016, Dom and his team went on a quest. To create a speaker that brings serious design to serious audio. They wanted the finished product to be classy, a piece that can tie a room together visually as much as audibly.

The result came in the middle of 2017, with the i50 and i90.

Featuring industry leading internal components in a contemporary retro high-density wood composite housing, the Instabox team is proud to present the i50 and i90 for your listening–and viewing pleasure.